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Life Care Planning Services:

Arriving at a fair and just settlement, computing a trust amount, plus the actual litigation of injury is the one of the more complex parts of a case.  Whether it is (defense or a plaintiff case) medical malpractice, personal injury, workers' compensation, or a product liability file, you need to be able to support and defend the monies that are necessary to obtain or manage a reasonable humane quality of life for the injured person involved, during his/her life expectancy. 

 How is this accomplished?  A life care plan consists of thorough a comprehensive analysis of the medical records, physician interviews, client assessments, discussions with vendors and medical providers.  Our cost analyst has the ability to project the medical services, needs and equipment the injured person will need over their life expectancy through her experience with the case management of catastrophic injuries, rehabilitation experience, and specialized training with both cost analysis and life care planning.  Our planner is fully qualified and an experienced expert witness to defend or present the report in trials, depositions, or hearings.

 Life Care Planning and Related Services:

  • A Life Care Plan provides the cost of medical needs over an catastrophic injured person's life expectancy.
  • Cost projections for episodic or individual surgeries, or reviewing for appropriate costing is one of the services that Case Strategies provides daily upon request from their clients. The plans are used for litigation (both defense and plaintiff) or to assist insurance adjusters set reserves or needs for the settlement of a case.
  • We also review other life care plans for fairness, appropriateness, and determine if the the plan is relative to the needs of the case.