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Identifying Health Care Needs and Costs for a Lifetime

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Medical – Legal Case Strategies was initially started in 1991 in Honolulu, Hawaii to provide Nurse Consulting to insurance firms and attorneys. The services included Medical Case Management and Life Care Planning. In 1997, the company moved to Sacramento, California and changed its name to Case Strategies.

Services includes:

·       Consulting for Health care Facilities for evaluation and restructuring of nursing and professional Service Departments,

· Life Care Planning, Cost Projections,

· Legal Nurse Consulting for Standards of Care or Professional Standards,

· Case Management (Workers Compensation or Hospital Based)

· Bill or Medical Record Review

Who are our customers?

  • Hospitals, Clinics, Free Standing Medical Facilities: Our Nurse Consultant completes a full assessment of the facilities or department for:
    •  medical delivery systems problems, reorganization of service lines,
    • provide transformational and innovative techniques to reorganize, improve customer service,
    • management of resources efficiency and effective utilization of budgets and budget formulation.
  • Insurance companies use our services to assist with cost projections used for setting of reserves, establishing trusts, and settling cases.  We provide catastrophic case management services for more severe injuries.
  • Attorneys involved in Trusts, personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, tort and product liability (both plaintiff and defense) often request both case management, life care plans, and cost projections. These plans are used for settlements, trusts, and support in litigation whether in trial or arbitration. 
  • Trust Companies use our services to establish the monies needed for the trust and request at times for us to assist with the management or monitoring of the services. The plans are  completed for catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord, acquired injury, burns, amputations, chronic pain, rsd, birth injuries, and other complex injury cases. The plans are used throughout the case's life expectancy or for use in a specific time period for an injured party. 


Our location where we provide life care planning services.

What to Expect From Case Strategies:

Life Care Planning: Our nurse life care planners will provide the appropriate documentation to support the medical services, supplies, and equipment that injured party will need for a reasonable quality of life in relationship to their injuries.  Expert witnessing is provided for each case.

Management and Leadership Consulting: Our consultants work with health care facilities in the development of an efficient and effective solution to leadership and management problems.  This may include improving customer service delivery, management, and leadership for your staff, and the development of effective leadership skills for your nursing managers, who are the key to good health care delivery.  The focused programs demonstrate in positive outcomes within weeks. 

Custom Case Management Activities often in savings in both lost time and monies due to inappropriate or delayed treatments for your workers compensation files.  Let us monitor and manage these resources so nothing "falls through the cracks" and the outcomes are appropriate for your claims files. 

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